Peeing Into The Wind Is Not Beneficial

Let the confusion commence

O2, pissed.

So, I haven’t had proper signal in my flat at University for almost 3 days.

I can ring out (and so I’m draining my minutes) but no one can get hold of me, which is more than annoying.

There’s a phone mast out, which is fair play as these things happen but really THREE DAYS TO FIX IT. What happened to it? Did it blow up? Did aliens land on it?

And there’s obviously no hope of it getting fixed tonight as it’s virtually half 10 so no engineers will be working on it right now.

I’ve normally had little or no problem with the signal, that’s why I went with O2 :/

So, if not fixed tomorrow, my mummy (contract’s in her name, I’m not afraid of raging at people down a phone) will give them an angry phone call.

I want compensation.

I’d even be happy with some minutes debited to my contract - it’s ridiculous.

Rage Over.

  • 14 December 2011
  • 185